Condo Seller Testimonial

I helped Tom sell his condo several years ago and we still keep in touch.  He is one of those clients who turned into a good friend and I am fortunate to have worked with him.  Through my marketing blitz, we received a full price offer before the first open house weekend. The buyer’s agent knew that this listing was heavily promoted and this knowledge created a sense of urgency for the buyer to get a strong offer on the table quickly.  The next condo to sell in the same building sold for $18,000 less even though it was larger and had a view.

One of the reasons why I am especially appreciative of Tom’s business, is because there was a local area Realtor who had full market dominance.  Tom was tempted to use this Realtor; however, after hearing my marketing plan, Tom went with his gut, hired me, and profited greatly from his decision.