Painting your home Increases Resale Value

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where to get my house painted in long beach signal hill and lakewood ca


house paint painter near long beach signal hill and lakewood

Painting your home is one of the best ways to increase curb appeal, which helps you sell your home for more. Buyers often make buying decisions before they step foot into a home. There is a saying in real estate, that for every gallon of paint you use, you get $500 more on the selling price. Consider the paint job above used 20 gallons of paint, would you pay $10,000 more for the home after it was painted?

In addition to increasing the value of your home, painting also protects your investment. A good painter will use copious amounts of caulking around your windows, repair stucco, and seal up cracks that would otherwise allow water intrusion. Wet wood attracts termites and can quickly deteriorate the structure, take a look at what these termites did to this water softened wood:

Termite  and moisture damage in signal hill and long beach

Painting is a great thing to do before selling your home.

If would like a quote from the painter who painted the Signal Hill home pictured above, fill out the form below and I will have the painter give you a call. His prices are very good and his work is superb.

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